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2008 Awazon High Mountain Tea Raw Pu-erh Tea Brick "Manjin Brick" 2.5kg (250g*10pcs)

Net Weight

250g / brick x 10 bricks = 2.5kg


Raw/Green Pu-erh Tea


June 2008


Awazon Tea Co.,Ltd.

Production Area

Mangjing Tea Mountain , Lancang, Yunnan , China

Raw Pu-erh brick tea, made by organic tea leaves picked from Mangjing ancient tea mountain in spring season. This brick tea also gives a very good flavor. Even the first brewed liquor tastes sweet with unique aroma. This brick tea is often used for making Tibetan Butter Tea.

How to easily break the compressed brick tea?

1)    Take off the wrapping paper of the brick tea.

2)    Steam the brick tea for 3 - 5 minutes.

3)    Before the brick tea completely cool down. Use a Pu-erh Knife (if you haven’t, just use a flat screw driver) and insert it into the edge of the brick tea to help you break a chunk of tea. Now you may remove the loose chunk from the brick tea with your hands.

4)    Dry the tea leaves or chunks naturally in a ventilation place for a few days. Then collect the tea leaves or chunks in a canister for daily drinking (please inspect the tea often, make sure it is dry to avoid moldy).


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