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Yunnan Premium Black Tea "Golden Bud" (Batch: BE03#)

Growing in organic tea gardens of high mountains, only fat fine buds of Spring first crop are plucked to produce this Golden Bud. Attractive golden buds without a black leaf in sight. This tea brews a bright amber color liquor. Smooth, sweet honey flavor with elegant flowery aroma. Highly prized by tea connoisseurs. 


Yunnan is a region in China known for growing large-leaf tea of producing top quality black tea. High Mountains covered by mist, with clean water supply from nearby rivulets, rich  humus soil ...these ideal conditions contribute a lot to the unique flavor of Yunnan black tea, earning it a worldwide reputation. Our large-leaf Yunnan Congou black tea has perfect leaf appearance with golden tips.


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Kunming, Yunnan, China