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Sales Promotion! Just $9.99 Per Cake! 2020 Awazon Old Tea Tree Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake 1 Tong (357g x 7 cakes,2.5kg)

Just $9.99 per cake (357g) when you purchase 7 cakes (1 tong) together. Quality ripe pu-erh tea, promotion price.

Net Weight

357g/cake x 7 cakes = 2.50 kg (1 tong )


Ripe/Fermented Pu-erh Tea


Oct. 16, 2020


Kunming Awazon Tea Co.,Ltd.

Production Area

Yiwu Ancient Tea Mountain , Yunnan , China

This ripe pu-erh tea cake (AW66 2001#) is made of fermented Maocha (sundried Yunnan large-leaf tea ) by using spring season tea leaves picked from old tea tree growing in the famous Yiwu ancient tea mountain. It brews red-bright liquor with pure aroma of pu-erh, which tastes smooth, mellow and sweet. Carefully processed to facilitate further aging. The longer you store it, the better its quality becomes. 

Pu-erh tea can cut grease, help digestion, warm stomach, help produce saliva and slake thirst, dispel the effects of alcohol and refresh one’s mind. Pu-erh tea has functions of lowering the triglyceride, cholesterol, hyperuricemia in the body.

How to prepare this Pu-erh tea in a Congou style?


Step 1: Pry tea off with Pu-erh Knife and add 2g - 5g of tea leaves (serving 1 - 3 persons) to a teapot or Gaiwan.

Step 2: Pour boiling water into the teapot, give the tea leaves a rinse for 15 seconds. Then draining the water out, leaving only the soaked tea leaves

Step 3: Fill the teapot with boiling water again, cover the lid. After steeping 30 seconds (shorter or longer according to your desired strength), the tea can be poured into a tea pitcher to be served.

Step 4: repeat 3 for several times. Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brewing.  


How to store Pu-erh properly?

To store Pu-erh tea properly, put it in a dry and clean place with good ventilation. Never store Pu-erh tea air-tight or put it in higher moisture environment or close to goods with peculiar smell.


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