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2006 Awazon Fine Aged Royal Pu-erh Tea Ripe Cake 400g
Sold Out

Net Weight

400g / piece


Pu-erh Tea, Fermented / Ripe


August 2006


Royal Grade, Gongting

Production Area

Lincang, Yunnan, China


Awazon Tea Co.,Ltd.

This aged Royal Pu-erh Cake is manufactured by selecting aged royal loose Pu-erh. Both surface and inside parts are royal grade Pu-erh tea. It brews red-bright liquor with pure aroma of Pu-erh. It tastes smooth, mellow and sweet. Carefully processed to facilitate further aging. The longer you store it, the better its quality becomes. Best for offering as special gift to tea lovers or further aging to be a rare and valuable treasure in the future.


Many years aged Pu-erh cake (in dry warehouse specially built for storing Pu-erh tea).


Pu-erh is fermented with sun-dried large-leaf tea from mountainous areas in Yunnan, China. Quality Pu-erh gives bright, red liquor which tastes mellow and sweet.


Scientific studies in China, France and Japan have proved that this tea has lots of medical benefits to human being. It helps reduce body weight and lower cholesterol in the blood stream. Pu-erh is very popular in Europe where it is recognized as a diet aid. 


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