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2006 Xiaguan Canger Tuocha Raw Pu-erh Tea 250g
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Xiaguan Canger Tuocha used to produce twice in 1959 and 1979 respectively, to send to the foreign visitors by Chinese central government during the National Days Holidays. Later, in 2001, it re-started to produce and has been the standard production teas since then.

Canger Tuocha has always been seen as the king of Tuocha; By selecting the best spring Maocha tea bush, it is sweet and smooth. Agagin, by the box storage, it is super good for long term storage and age quite well.

This Canger Pu-erh Tuocha (vintage: April 2006) is 5 years old.

Important Tip: Dont brew the new Pu-erh tea by using the boiling water. 90 degrees of water is recommended to get the sweet, less astrigent tea soup.

Type of tea: Raw Pu-erh 

Composition: Yunnan big  leaves tea bush

Net Weight: 250g; Gross Weight: 350g


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